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Treat yourself to a facial or celebrating a special occasion, aromatherapy, our beauty and skin care services will suit every beauty need.

The Technology

Therapy Cosmetics USA is the first cosmetic company worldwide, to specialize in the use of Nano Therapy Technology in hair and skin products. We also discovered The Smart Enzymes Technology, and by doing so created the first safe hair treatment and s ... Read More

The Ingredients

Key ingredients such as keratin, caviar, cashmere, soy, wheat, silk, lemon, rice, with amino acids, cinnamon, collagen and Argan oil make these formulas highly effective and very nourishing with the help of nanoparticles and The Smart Enzymes System! ... Read More

The Benefits

Our products are all specialized and formulated to treat, heal and repair the hair from within, prolonging the health and beauty of the hair. Our products help smooth and seal hair, eliminate frizz and create a shiny, luxurious texture and straighten the hair! ... Read More

The Difference

The best way to learn about our products is to hear from our customers!­ Click here to read our reviews!  ... Read More

Our Product

Shine Serum

Shine serum is the perfect finishing touch to any

Clarifying Shampoo

This shampoo will open the cuticle so that the hai

Nano Gold Hair Botox Treatment

Enriched with proteins, oils, vitamins and Gold po

Original Protein Therapy Treatment

Its innovative new use of Keratin!          Â